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Project: Documentary

Filmon, Efrata, Nura and Jonathan are little more than twenty years old. They are Eritrean and are fleeing the dictatorship of their President Isaias Afewerki. They are waiting to learn their destiny in the refugee camp in Castelnuovo di Porto, just outside of Rome, where the majority of Eritrean refugees are housed. Ibrahim, however, is a Guinean. He is also a young man but he arrived in Italy by mistake, looking for a father he never knew.

Directed by Matteo Chiarello.
Photo reportage by Ilaria Prili and Riccardo Venturi
Color correction and Vfx by Ilenia De Santis
Sound design and audio mix by Corrado Magalotti
Voice over: John Mundy
Music by Matteo Chiarello

Production and post-production: KeepRollingFilm